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EPISODE 2: Howie Rose: Islanders, Rangers & Mets Play-by-Play

It says everything about the kind of pro, class act and friend Howie Rose is that he insisted on keeping his commitment to doing this interview – even though it was just days before he was going into a medical procedure that would bring his season calling Mets games to a halt.

Then on top of that, from beginning to end, Howie brought incredible energy, joy, insights and stories to the episode. At one point in the interview, Howie mentions how most of his closest friends are from his childhood. As you get to know him, you can see how those friendships have endured. Howie Rose never forgets where he came from.

So many highlights here. Howie drops a bit of an exclusive about his future plans in the Mets booth. For those who were pissed when the Islanders cut ties with popular TV analyst Billy Jaffe, you’ll hear in this interview that Howie has still not gotten over his anger about it. He also brings some unique insights into the craft of play-by-play announcing, including how a broadcaster may prepare in advance for a big moment – like Rangers-Devils Game 7.

There are two segments with Howie: one on announcing, followed by a dive into his time calling Islanders games on TV. Producer Pat Boyle and I wrap it up with a quick discussion on great play-by-play announcers. Pat is an outstanding play-by-play man. One thing I’ll always remember about this interview was the look on his face as Howie was sharing his story.

Hope you enjoy the show. Thanks to all of you for the awesome response to the first episode with Ray Ferraro, and for subscribing on Apple and everywhere you get your podcasts, and at this website. Don’t forget: any questions, comments or requests, please send them to us at

Next episode features a passionate and frank discussion with former Calgary Flames GM Craig Button of TSN and NHL Network.

Here’s a rundown of the Howie Rose episode…

Opening Top 3

The passionate Beatles fan makes his picks for the three greatest Beatles songs

Broadcasting Segment

· The announcer’s nightmare

· When play-by-play must dominate the broadcast vs when it’s okay to converse with the analyst

· How doing TV is like “stealing” compared to the challenge of calling hockey play-by-play on the radio

· His nights as a Queens College student practicing play-by-play in the Nassau Coliseum

· The impact of two New York coaching legends on his career

· Howie’s lineup chart and the keys to improving at play-by-play

· The debate over head coaches sharing their lineups in advance with announcers

· Twelve years of calling Mets and Islanders games full-time

· Howie’s favorite current NHL play-by-play announcers

· His recommendations for a successor after he left Islanders TV, and thoughts on Brendan Burke

· “Matteau…Matteau…Matteau” and how much of that call was planned

· Finally joining Twitter in 2021

· Advice to broadcasters, and how much longer he’d like to call Mets games

Overtime: Howie’s seasons calling Islanders games

· Happiest memories calling NYI games and the moment he felt truly embraced by Islanders fans

· The joy of working with Ed, Joe, and Butch and the Islanders’ “unjustified” decision to let Billy Jaffe go

· His working relationship with the Wilpons and Saul Katz, Charles Wang and Mike Milbury

· “I have never, ever, ever taken any of this for granted.”

· His reaction to seeing the Islanders close out the Coliseum in grand style

· From the Beatles to a hockey team, the importance of a deep bench

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